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UDI’s Gluten Free Foods

UDI's Gluten Free Food

UDI's Gluten Free Food

Everyone loves UDI’s Gluten Free bread. How about you?


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  • Pamelas is the best for her baking mix, it is a bit more exienspve, but well worth the price. Check the labels on things you buy, if the ingredients are just rice flour, it isn’t going to be that great. You want a combination of different types of flours like, rice, sorghum, and tapioca. There are other flours too, the point is the best flavor is from a combo of flours, who wants a rice pancake? There are many good recipe books out there and good blogs with recipes as well. You’d just have to invest in about 4 types of gluten free flours and some type of binding agent such as xanthum gum which is a little spendy. If you need to be wheat free for health reasons though it is worth it. The best gluten free baking products (I’ve found) are homemade. If its just to loose weight, South Beach or something that gives up carbs all together is probably easier and cheaper. The carbs found in gluten free diets have a higher glycemic index than wheat carbs (more sugar) and can make you gain weight if you eat too much of them. Wheat is in products you might not think of and you’ll want to avoid if it’s for health reasons. Soy sauce is a big one, but you can buy gluten free soy sauce, but you’ll need to check labels for items with added soy sauce. Another hidden gluten product is oats, they don’t by nature, but by cross contamination. It is grown in the same fields and harvested together so it ends up with LOTS of wheat content. You can buy gluten free oats as well. If you’re in a city and close to resources there are pizza crusts frozen that are pretty good and I used to keep some in the freezer when my family would have pizza and make my own really quick. Now I make them from scratch and keep in the freezer as well. Corn chips (like tostitos, without any added flavoring) are great with guacamole, cheese and tomatoes. We always have some avocado halves in the freezer (from the Schwans man) if I need a quick snack. Scrambled eggs or omelettes are quick and easy as well filled with lots of veggies. I have a few cook books, and can give you the names if your interested.References : I am gluten free for health reasons.

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