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Sprouts Gluten-Free Jubilee May 11-25

From May 11 through May 25, Sprouts will be holding another of our periodic Gluten-Free Jubilee sales, with 25% off more than 2,000 specially signed gluten-free products around the store. (The Gluten-Free Jubilee is only going on at Sprouts stores, not Henry’s or Sun Harvest stores. We’ll eventually be able to host this event everywhere, but we haven’t yet merged our cash register and computer systems.)

One in 133 people in the US now suffers from celiac disease and/or related gluten allergies. But gluten-free foods are actually gaining popularity even among those with no wheat allergies, in much the same way that “lite” or “low calorie” or “low carb” products did in earlier generations. As one indication, yesterday, industry experts gathered in Washington, DC as part of the Gluten-Free Food Labeling Summit, to try to bring some order to the way gluten-free information is presented on packages. As part of the Summit, they trotted out a 12-foot high gluten-free cake. Wonder whether it had an organic cherry on top?


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