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Happy Bamboo, Vegetarian Cafe


The Happy Bamboo Vegetarian Cafe
1711 Branham Lane,
Suite A9
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 694-0740

Had a chance to stumble upon The Happy Bamboo Vegetarian Cafe in South San Jose recently. It is a small, modest restaurant in a non-descript neighborhood shopping mall off Branham Lane, Camden, and 85 Freeway. The owner is a mild-mannered Vietnamese woman who takes the time to talk about how she created vegetarian dishes from her home country using fresh ingredients for a full and satisfying meal. When I told her I was gluten sensitive, she right away brought her gluten free menu and suggested a few items that she thought I would enjoy. I had the “chicken” over rice which was excellent. The Happy Bamboo Vegetarian Cafe would make any one “happy”, gluten free or not. I definitely recommend. 🙂


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