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Fresh organic delicacies in a cone from RawDaddy Foods

Taste master James Hall of RawDaddy Foods creates raw, organic “world cuisines in a cone” that are simply out of this world. A simple concept of healthy eating for the person on the go, he recreates flavors from South America, Asia and Europe that puts extraordinary taste first… “good health (is) a byproduct of eating wonderful, tasty, sensual foods which nourish the soul and spirit as well as the body.”

From appetizers, to main course meals to desserts, it is hard to eat just one of these, although the handmade, flaxseed cones are surprisingly very filling. I luv the crunch and flavor of the cone with the rich flavors of the filling (I tried the Forest and Earth Mushroom Polenta Cone as well as the Very Berry Cone for dessert).

Buying from the local vendors at the farmers markets where he sells, James is looking to expand his offerings to restaurants and retail locations in the future. With all the buzz around his fresh, wholesome, gluten-free, dairy- free and meat-free offerings, RawDaddy is destined to be a culinary success. You can find RawDaddy at the Palo Alto and Berkeley Farmers Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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