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Tokyo, Gluten Free adventure Day 2

Delicious pea soup from Epice Kaneko Restaurarnt in Tokyo.

My friends and clients, called and talked to the different restaurants in advance to find out about GF options. One restaurant said they would have plenty of GF dishes, but when it came out, it was ladened with soy sauce. The chef came out and apologized, and brought back several new dishes specifically for me that were salt based. I did bring my own San J GF soy sauce and it helped to open up the conversation.
Yesterday I went to a fabulous restaurant called Epices Kaneko in Azabu. It is small but very elegant restaurant owned by a husband and wife team. ph 03-3478-7276 (I don’t think they have a website).
The owners were very polite, accommodating and while like most restaurants, were unfamiliar with GF foods, (all of their foods were fresh with very little sauces. They served mine without any sauces, some had a light salt sprinkle. If you want a superb dining experience (a little pricey) this is a must try. I interviewed the owner (and will be on my blog in the future
On a recommendation, I visited the Natural House organic food store in Omotesando (near the subway station on Omotesando street.).
Very nice shop. I asked one of the clerks for GF products and they did have some rice flour, and rice spaghetti noodles. (not much selection).
I’ve corresponded with someone from Tengu Natural Foods in Saitama (2 hr+ from Tokyo). While I may not have time to visit, they were very knowledgeable and helpful.
My observation, many have never heard of GF/ Gluten intolerance, but most do not really know what it is, so it may be a little challenging for someone if they are extremely sensitive.
On the other hand, gluten intolerance and celiacs, etc. seem to be rare. I believe it is because in general, their diets are much better than ours (not much processed foods, lots of fresh fish, vegetables, etc.) and they are physically fit (you tend to walk miles everyday in Tokyo and people rarely sit at home watching TV). Our lifestyles in the US and the foods we eat contribute to a lot of illnesses, allergies, etc.
I will be enjoying a couple of more days in Tokyo, then off to Sendai. Will be reporting back on my blog.

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