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Eating gluten free in Japan, Itamae Sushi in Roppongi

Wandering around Roppongi, the famed international district in Tokyo, I happened upon a busy sushi bar called Itamae, Sushi. Located on the main drag, of Roppongi Dori, Itamae Sushi opened a year ago and has rapidly become a favorite of locals and foreigners alike.

I was greeted by a young host who spoke English and was quick to try to accommodate my requests for gluten free items. To make things simple, I had a sushi combination plate. Of course, they substituted items containing soy sauce with non-soy sauce sushi (no unagi). I brought my own gluten free tamari soy sauce and showed the host and chef. It was the first time they saw it. Although they rarely get customers that request gluten free dishes, they were really helpful and wanted to make sure I was OK.

In terms of price, I would rate this as a great value compared to some of the other pricey venues. In terms of taste, I’d say Itamae Sushi was superb. Easy to find, easy to order, Itamae Sushi is definitely a recommend!

Address: Orix Roppongi Bldg. 1-2F, 3-13-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo   ph: 03-5770-5855


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