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The Trails Neighborhood Eatery

7389 Jackson Dr
(between Caminito Mundo & Hyde Park Dr)
San Diego, CA 92119

(619) 667-2233

Haven’t had a chance to eat at The Trails Eatery but they were featured on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible:

Great episode. They have a gluten free menu and great environment. The next time I’m in San Diego I’ll definitely check it out.

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Eating Gluten Free Q&A with Sarah Wu of Fed Up With Lunch

by Amber Coleman | October 6, 2011

A few years back, public school speech pathologist Sarah Wu forgot to pack her lunch and decided to grab a meal in her school’s cafeteria along with the students.  After seeing the “nutritious” meal that was being served to children every day, Wu was inspired to challenge herself to […]


Mary Claire Draeger DeSoto at the Draeger's Blackhawk event

Saturday, September 17, 2011. Draeger’s, Blackhawk, Danville CA.
Mary Claire Draeger DeSoto has been the driving force behind Draeger’s Grocery Store’s leadership in high quality gluten free products. She has staged several Gluten Free events at the Draeger’s Store in Blackhawk, Danville, California where dozens of fine food vendors presented their latest in gluten free delights. […]


Sprouts Gluten-Free Jubilee May 11-25

From May 11 through May 25, Sprouts will be holding another of our periodic Gluten-Free Jubilee sales, with 25% off more than 2,000 specially signed gluten-free products around the store. (The Gluten-Free Jubilee is only going on at Sprouts stores, not Henry’s or Sun Harvest stores. We’ll eventually be able to host this event everywhere, […]


Make bread out of rice with Sanyo’s Gopan

Make bread out of rice with Sanyo's Gopan

Clever idea. The latest from one of Japan’s leading consumer electronics innovators, Sanyo. This Gopan (Rice Bread) machine is perfect for the demands of the Gluten Free market where good tasting, satisfying bread is one of the hardest to achieve products sporting the Gluten Free label. Making […]


The Gluten Effect

A Must read for the novice as well as the long time gluten sensitive person. A great introduction with many personal stories of trial and error and discovery along this lifelong journey to healthy eating.

Written by Drs. Vikki and Rick Petersen of HealthNOW Medical ( this is a great read as well as resource.

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Iamori Hazlenut Biscotti



Imaori Hazelnut Biscotti. Crunchy, toasty, tasty.

Luv it.