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Eating gluten free in Japan, Itamae Sushi in Roppongi

Wandering around Roppongi, the famed international district in Tokyo, I happened upon a busy sushi bar called Itamae, Sushi. Located on the main drag, of Roppongi Dori, Itamae Sushi opened a year ago and has rapidly become a favorite of locals and foreigners alike.

I was greeted by a young host who spoke English and was […]


Gluten Free in Tokyo

Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
October 11, 2012

On my first trip to Tokyo since I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 3 yeara ago. I was worried that finding gluten free options was going to be a big problem. I’ve heard both sides of the story: “the Japanese diet is healthy, eating fish and vegetables”, and “the awareness of […]